Union Pioneer provide tailor-made solution to customers according to their usage purpose and requirement for both natural rubbers (latex) and synthetic rubbers (latex free) under dynamic width, thickness and color.


Our competitive advantage in poses a fully vertical integrated natural rubber production, assuring us in terms of stable supply ability, price  competitiveness and excellent rubber quality and purity . Moreover, our company is extremely careful in importing the synthetic rubber raw material, various chemicals which are other key components utilized, are specially selected and undergo strict and close examination procedure to ensure that all are conformed to International Standards requirement.

Union Pioneer’s Product line (Both Latex and Non-Latex)

1. Elastic Rubber Tape and Thread:
    - For garment industry: Intimate apparel, lingerie, swimwear, rim and waist of pants, rim of shower cap, swimming cap and all strap in.
    - For furniture: Sofa cover, fitted bed sheet and etc.

2. Elastic Braid

3. Elastic Webbing

4. Medical disposable products

5. Covering Yarn

6. FITband: Exercise / Resistance bands for rehabilitation and fitness


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