Business Structure

Structure of Management

Union Pioneer Public Company Limited  has three committees:

1. The Board of Directors

2. Audit Committee

3. Nomination and Remuneration Committee



  Management Structure of Union Pioneer Public Company Limited

Consists of: Shareholders, Board of Directors and Management

In the corporate governance system, shareholders will appoint the Board of Directors to be a representative in the business management, Board of Directors will set the vision, direction, policy, strategy and assign the management to implement these to meet the goals along with monitoring to ensure that the business effectively operates with maximum benefit in order shareholders to receive a return that is worth to their investment.


There are reasonal number of directors who are executives and non-executive directors with skills, useful experience for the company and qualifications in accordance with the laws and company regulations, consisting of independent directors of at least 1 in 3 of the total number of directors but not be less than 3 persons. At least 3 members of the Audit Committee must be independent from the control of the executives, major shareholders and must not have any involvement or interest in finance and business management but having complete qualifications according to the definition of independent directors of the company and the rules prescribed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. (CG Code 3.1.1,3.1.2)


1.The Board of Directors



Miss Dalad Sapthavichaikul

Chairman of the Board


Mrs. Nuntawan  Sakuntanaga

Independent Director/ Chairman

of the Audit Committee 


Mr. Wanchai Rattanawong

Independent Director /Audit Committee/

Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee


Mr. Komon Iamwatcharin

Managing Director



Mr.Chutindhon Darakananda



Mrs. Chantorntree  Darakananda 


Mr. Vacharaphong Darakananda

Director/ Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Mr. Nanthiya Darakananda


Mr. Kollatat Tangchikul  

Independent Director/ Audit Committee/

Nomination and Remuneration Committee



  1. Eight non-exeecutives Directors, representing 88.89% of entire board.

  2. One executive director which is managing director.

  3. Qualified directors are three independent directors which are 2 females and 1 male or equal to 1 in 3, representing 33.33% of entire board.

The responsibilities of the Chairman are as follows ( CG Code 3.2.3)

  1. To supervise, monitor and ensure that the duty of the Board is efficient and echive the objectives and main goals of the Company.
  2. To ensure that all directors are involved in promoting ethical corporate culture and goog corporate governance.
  3. To set the board meeting agenda by didcussing with the managing director and having measures to ensure that significant issues are included in the meeting agenda.
  4. To allocate sufficient time for the management to propose enough matters for directors to carefully discuss significant issues, to encourage the directors to express their opinions carefully and freely.
  5. To strengthen the good relationship between executive directors and non-executive directors, and between the board and management.

Duties and responsibilities of the Board  

  1. Perform duties with responsibility, caution and honesty including having to comply with laws, objectives, company regulations as well as the resolution of the shareholders' meeting except in matters that need to be approved by the shareholders 'meeting before proceeding, such as matters that the law requires the resolution of the shareholders' meeting, related transactions and significant asset trading according to the rules of the Stock Exchange of Thailand or as specified by other government agencies.

  2. Determine policies, plans and strategies of the company, consider and approve important matters relating to the operations of the company, such as financial goals, budgets, and supervise the management to operate in accordance with the policies, plans and strategies that are effectively and efficiently defined

  3. Consider and approve the assessment of the adequacy of the Company's internal control system on an annual basis and prepare a report on the responsibility of the Board of Directors towards financial reports, as disclosed in the annual report and Form 56-1.

  4. Provide clear channels for reporting clues, process after receiving complaints and measures to protect the whistleblower, as details are in topic “Anti-Corruption Policy” on page 62-63)


- *More Informations form 56-1 Structure of management*


2. Audit Committee

1. Mrs.Nuntawan  Sakuntanaga     Independent Director / Chairman of the Audit Committee

2. Mr. Wanchai Rattanawong     Independent Director / Audit Committee

3. Mr. Kollatat Tangchikul           Independent Director / Audit Committee

Charter of the Audit Commitees with Duties and Responsibilities as following

  1. Review the company’s financial statement to ensure its’ accuracy and adequacy to be in accordance with accounting standard.

  2. Review that the Company has an appropriate and effective internal control system and internal audit system and consider the independence of the internal audit unit, as well as approve the appointment, rotate or dismiss an internal audit manager.

  3. Ensure that the company complied with the Securities and Exchange Act, regulations of SET and other related regulations concerning with the business operation of the company.

  4. Nominate and select appropriate independent authorized auditor whom is certified by Securities and Exchange Commission to be the company’s auditor and propose remuneration for that individuals. In addition, attending the meeting with the auditor without management party of the company at least once a year.

- *More Informations form 56-1 Structure of management*

3. Nomination and Remuneration Committee

1. Mr.Wanchai Rattanawong               Independent Director /Audit Director/ Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee

2. Mr.Vacharaphong  Darakananda    Director /Nomination and Remuneration Committee

3. Mr.Kollatat Tangchikul                     Independent Director /Nomination and Remuneration Committee



Duties and Responsibilites of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee:

  1. Determination on criteria and methods for nominating the board of directors.

  2. Duties in recruiting and select the qualify individuals and does not have incompatibilities according to the laws and were appropriate for the name to be nominate as new director with qualifications according to the rules related to good corporate governance under director structures for director nomination.

  3. Consideration remuneration for directors which have principle in considering by factors as duties, scope of works and results of performance of directors, operation results and financial status of the company, overall economic situation by considering comparing to listed companies with similar business size and/or operate in the same industrial field,

  4. Determine the remuneration and form of remuneration for the director and propose to the board meeting for consideration.


             *More informations Form 56-1 Structure of management*

Executives Chief executives in the company have authority as assigned to operate under policy, strategy and objective that the board of directors determined for transparency and flexibility in operation. Moreover, the chief executives have responsibility in controlling expenditures and investments to the limit which the board of directors had authorized in the annual plans accordance to the human resources policy, resolving problems or conflicts which will affect the organization and maintained efficient communication to related persons.

Directors or chief executive officers of the Company have never been employees or partners of the  external auditing companies that the Company has been served for last 2 years.


Name Lists and Position of Executives Committee are listed below:




1. Mr. Komon Iamwatcharin

Managing Director

2. Mr. Wiwat Jongkonrat

Accounting and Financial Manage

3. Mr. Sikavej Sopaphan

Human Resources Manager

4. Mrs. Sureeporn Chompunutyanyong

Sales & Marketing Division Manager

5. Miss Warunee Khumtong

Quality Assurance Division Manager



Company Secretary


Mrs.Chadaporn Jieamsakultip 

The company’s secretary

Chief Compliance Officer

    The Company Secretary has the duties according to the law
section 89/15 and 89/16 under the Securities and Exchange Act (No.4)
B.E.2008 effective on 31st August 2008, with responsibility, awareness
and trustworthy thus taking the position according to the laws, objective
and company’s regulations, resolutions of the Board of Directors,
including resolutions of the shareholders. The Company disclosed
the information concerning educational background, experience and duties
and responsibilities at the resume of Company Secretary and
Chief Compliance Officer of the Company. 



  • Elastic Rubber
  • Elastic Braid
  • Elastic Webbing
  • Medical Devices
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Rubber Tape

Rubber Tape

Rubber Tape 

Natural Rubber (Latex) / Synthetic -Polyisoprene Rubber (Latex free)

Union Pioneer’s rubber tape has been produced with state-of the art production facility, control by well educate and high experience human resources. 

Our products possess following properties:

- Resistance to Saline water, Chlorine, Suntan lotion and perspiration.

- Excellent launderability, non-shrinking-retains original size and tension after multiple wash/ dry cycles.

- Excellent elongation and excellent stretch recovery enhance the comfortability and durability.

- Excellent sewing properties (needle puncture compatibility).


Product Application:

- The swimwear, sportwear and active wear: Rubber tape is used in tunneled leg opening, neck and waistband.

- Underwear & Innerwear: Rubber tape is used in waistbands and leg openings.

- The rim of pants’ legs for gentlemen.

- Medical and Health care product.

- Furniture industry:  Rubber tape is used as insert elastic in: fitted bed sheets, automobile covers, sofa covers, iron board cover, luggage pockets and etc.


Product specification:

- Surface: Plain (talc coated or silicon coated) and Textured rubber.

- Color: Basic color: white, black and grey. Customized colors are also available.

- Festooned packing: Standard of 5 kgs/inner box, 6 inner boxes(30kgs) / master carton. Customized packing are also available.


Rubber tape dimension:

• Thickness available (mm.): 0.25 – 1.00

• Width available (mm.): 3.2  50.8 


See Catalogue Sample:   "Here"


Rubber Thread

Rubber Thread

Rubber Thread

Natural Rubber (Latex) / Synthetic -Polyisoprene Rubber (Latex free)

Union Pioneer’s rubber thread has been produced with state-of the art production facility, control by well educate and high experience human resources.


Our products possess following properties:

- Resistance to Saline water, Chlorine, Suntan lotion and perspiration.

- Excellent launderability, non-shrinking-retains original size and tension after multiple wash/ dry cycles.

- Excellent elongation and excellent stretch recovery enhance the comfortability and durability.

- Excellent sewing properties (needle puncture compatibility).


Product Application:

- The Rim of baby and adult diaper’s legs and waist.

- The rim of pants’ legs for gentlemen.

- The swimming suits.

- The Rim of shower cap and swimming cap and so on.


Rubber tape dimension:

• Thickness available (mm.): 0.20-0.50

• Width available (mm): 0.48-0.80


See Catalogue Sample:   "Here"


Exercise Band

Exercise Band

⇒ Used to exercise: Stretch band helps you strengthen and tone your entire body. With the benefits of its light weight, stretch band can be carried around easily while offering a great workout option.

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Elastic Braid

Elastic Braid

Braiding is a form of narrow fabric construction. Our factory manufactures both elastic braid and nonelastic braid.


Type & Packing:

1.1 Round / Circular braids:

Diameter 0.9 - 7.0 mm.

1.2 Flat Braids: 

 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 and 22 cords are typical size

2. Center core material of elastic braid is Elastic Rubber

3. Packing: Spool, Festoon and customized packings are also available

4. Color: Customized color


Application (Consumer and Industrial textile):

- Golf Gloves

- Component of underwear

- Rim of Pajama’s waist

- Rim of pants’ waist and legs

- Garment accessory 

- Hairband

- Shoelace and Shoes’ component

- Hanger loop

- Fitted bed sheet

- Strap assembly for industrial products

- Strap braid for electronic products

- Strap braid for car-seat cover

- Strap braid for motor


See Catalogue Sample:   "Here"


Elastic Webbing

Elastic Webbing

Used as the components of

                    1. The Underware for gentlemen and Iadies

                    2. The General clothes for children and adult

                    3. The Warming suits

                    4. The Sportwear

                    5. The Healthy products using elastic

                    6. The Tape for flask and bag

See Catalogue Sample:   "Here"


TOURNIQUET (Disposable or Single use)

TOURNIQUET (Disposable or Single use)

Synthetic -Polyisoprene Rubber (Latex free)

Our production facility of Tourniquet is in a clean control environment, dust and other relevant contaminations are controlled and minimized by using advanced filters, air-flow and other quality control procedures.

Tourniquet is a device which applies pressure to a limb or extremity so as to limit – but not stop – the flow of blood. It may be used in emergencies, in surgery, or in post-operative rehabilitation.


Our tourniquet has the following properties:

- Disposable tourniquet can reduce the risk of patient infection or contamination, improve blood sample quality.

- Soft, slip resistance and user friendly.

- Excellent stretch recovery provides easy to tie and untie.

- Humanized flat shape design, which can relieve user’s uncomfortableness.

- Static free and can be sterilized.


Product specification

- Surface: Textured rubber / Plain rubber

- Color: Blue, green, orange and white.

- Dimension: standard 1”x18”.

- Packing: Rolled and banded, Flat and perforated.

- Customization: Customized color, dimension and packings are all available by special orders.


Esmarch Bandage

Esmarch Bandage

Esmarch Bandage

Esmarch Bandage is used to control and exclude blood flow during surgical procedures. 

Our Esmarch Bandage has the following properties:

- Hygienic Latex or non-latex bandages used for exsanguination of the limb.

- Create a bloodless area for speedy surgery.

- Have an excellent stretch recovery. 

- Can be sterilized.

- Developed specifically for medical packaging application.

- Reduce risk of infection.


Product specification

- Surface: Textured rubber / Plain rubber (silicon treated)

- Color: Blue and white. 

- Dimension: 

                 o Width: 3”, 4”,6”

                 o Length: 9”, 12”

- Packing: Rolled and banned. 

- Customization: Customized color, dimension and packings are all available by special orders.


Elastic Bandage

Elastic Bandage


► Elastic bandage help decrease pain and reduce swelling of an injured area.

► Elastic bandage wrap around an arm or leg splint during healing.

► Elastic bandage improve blood flow to an arm or leg.


Product size:

2 Inch.

3 Inch.

4 Inch.

6 Inch.

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